I'm running a blog resource for people following D.A. Carson's bible reading plan (bible in 2 years). I'm a sinner saved by God's grace, a follower and disciple of his son Jesus, the living word of God, who I believe died on the cross to pay for our sin, and rose again from the dead 3 days later. Because of Christ, I have hope for eternal life with God, enjoying him and glorifying him forever with all the saints. Because of Christ, I don't get what I deserve for my rebellion and selfishness before God, and I want my life to more and more reflect my gratitude for this amazing fact. I can testify that God's holy spirit is working within me to transform me, and I believe, as the bible teaches, that "he who has begun a good work will complete it", and I will eventually be a perfect child of God, a sinless brother of Christ in heaven. I'm also a musician and entrepreneur. I write hymns whenever I can, and have a youtube channel for these at www.youtube.com/newworshipsongs

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